Hamilton Crossing Animal Hospital

3101 State Road 32 East
Westfield, IN 46074



Welcome to our hospital!


We have six exam rooms. Three exam rooms are designated for cats and three are designated for dogs. This is an example of one of our cat exam rooms.

One of our dog exam rooms with a lift table. 

Our lab and pharmacy area is stocked with many common drugs that we use to treat your pets, as well as laboratory equipment to help aid in quick diagnoses. Our blood chemistry analyzer and complete blood count machine allows us to run a diagnostic blood panel in under 15 minutes. We run in-house fecal (stool) samples for both routine screening and diagnostic purposes.

Our treatment area is the heart of the clinic. It is in this area that our hospitalized patients are cared for and animals are evaluated and prepared for surgery.

This is our area reserved for hospitalized pet that need close monitoring, particularly pets recovering from anesthesia or pets that are ill. All cages can be individually heated if a patient requires additional warmth. Animals can be connected to IV fluids if needed. We also have an oxygen cage (to the left) for animals with respiratory conditions that need additional oxygen support.

Our clinic offers a large variety of soft tissue and orthopedic surgery services. Our surgery suite features two heated tables. Our anesthesia monitoring equipment closely watch your pet's ECG, pulse oximetry, heart and respiration rate, CO2 output, blood pressure, and temperature. Our surgical suite is equipped with both a surgical laser and electrocautery unit to minimize intra-operative bleeding.

Proper dentistry is a very important part of keeping your pet healthy. We have a state-of-the-art Dentalaire unit that allows us to properly clean and polish your pet's teeth. Digital dental x-rays allow us to identify hidden problems under the gunline, and help us to make decisions on the appropriate therapy.

Radiology: Our x-ray facility allows us to accurately diagnose abnormailities in the abdomen, chest, and bones.

Our ultrasound machine helps us to make more accurate diagnoses and perform a variety of special procedures, such as ultrasound-guided liver biopsies.

Waiting Area

Retail Area